(VGUI - Versatile Graphical User Interface for Hardware Diagrams)
Established: 8-12-1998
Last Updated: 6-18-2003

The following links provide documentation and downloads of a free graphical tool for capturing, drawing, editing, and navigating hierarchical block-diagrams, and for producing corresponding structural VHDL or Verilog code. The VGUI tool is easy to learn-and-use, with a style based on popular web-browser, word-processor/drawing tools. It accommodates arbitrarily complex multi-level diagrams, while providing WYSIWYG hardcopy printouts. VGUI produces IEEE-1076 standard VHDL code or Verilog. It is not vendor-specific and can be used with any VHDL or Verilog compiler/simulator tools.

An improved version of VGUI was released January 22, 2003, called VGUI-2. New features include the ability to optionally set signal names, Edit/Undo, new XML-based file format, improved file browser, printing to A4 paper sizes, many new functions and features, improved robustness. Full backward compatibility with previous VGUI versions is maintained.

There was some initial instability in version 2.0, due to the number of new changes. Several updates/fixes have been posted since the initial release, the latest version, 2.07, was posted June 18, 2003, and is more stable.

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v1.06a (25-KB) 12-3-1999

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  Examples and Setup file (~0.02-MB) 3-29-1999

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