2003-04-30 2003-04-30 Benjamin C. Ashpole, bashpole@atl.lmco.com Todd Hughes, thughes@atl.lmco.com This ontology is intended to capture the fundamental concepts for the evalution of the results from broad class of activities of ontology operations, including ontology alignment and ontology merging. text/n3 en Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories An Ontology for Ontology Operations 0.0.0 The class of documents resulting from the application of a grader on an ontology operation file. The class of properties the relate evaluation files with a numerical value indicating a score on a specific evaluation measure. The class of evaluation metrics that consider the behavior of the ontology operation algorithm independently of the answer key. The class of evaluation metrics that require comparison with an answer key. A property relating an evaluation file with the document containing the 'correct' answers for the ontology operation task. A property relating an evalution file with the ontology operation file from which it was partially derived A property relating an evaluation file to the entity that produced it.