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  2. I3CON 2004's success was due in no small part to the high quality of the research and theory presented during our day-long session. We were very pleased with the discussion that ensued with our audience of around 30 members from the United States and abroad. This page was created in response to requests for access to the slides. For contact with ontology alignment research community, please join our email list.

    Presenter Presentation Affiliation

    Todd Hughes
    Introducing I3CON [ppt] Lockheed Martin,
    Advanced Technology Laboratories

    Mike Pool
    Semantic Interoperability: Case Studies in Ontology-Based Solutions [ppt] Information Extraction and Transport

    Benjamin Ashpole
    The Ontology Translation Protocol [ppt] Lockheed Martin,
    Advanced Technology Laboratories

    Bill Andersen
    Application of Formal Ontology to Database Schema Alignment: An Outline [ppt] Ontology Works

    Marc Ehrig
    Efficient Ontology Mapping [ppt] Universitat Karlsruhe,
    Institut AIFB

    Yun Peng
    Uncertainty in Ontology Mapping: A Bayesian Perspective [ppt] University of Maryland,
    Baltimore County

    Lewis Hart and Patrick Emery
    Artic, an Ontology Mapping Engine [ppt] AT&T Government Solutions

    Michael Gruninger
    Using Model-Theoretic Invariants for Semantic Integration [ppt] University of Maryland,
    Institute for Systems Research

    John Li
    LOM: A Lexicon-based Ontology Mapping Tool [ppt] Teknowledge

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