Some of the recent update to this website are listed below.
December 2012 The following results have been posted
wireless 802.11
802.11 testing on android nexus 7 and netbook PC
TCP results posted.
July 2011 The following results have been posted
thrift-0.6.1 on ATL Emulab PC1950s. Linux.
TAO 2.0.3 results posted.
June 2010 The following results have been posted
ATL Emulab PC1950
Linux SMP and Uniprocessor, non-real-time (voluntary kernel preempt) TCP results.
April 2010 The following results have been posted
ATL Emulab PC1950
xmlBlaster 2.0.0 pubsub performance using socket and xmlrpc protocols.
March 2010 The following results have been posted
ATL Emulab PC1950
TCP/IP performance on WindowsXP SP3 w/ Cygwin 1.7.1
January 2009 The following results have been posted
ATL Emulab PC2950
TCP/IP performance w/ and w/o fletcher32 checksuming
March 2008 - April 2008 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
Delay Tolerant Network 2.5.0 (
December 2007 - January 2008 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
erlang_v5.6 (one and two host)
Ice 3.2.1(one host)
TAO 1.6.2(one host)

June 2007 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000 (two host unless noted)
CIAO 0.5.8 (one and two host)

ISISLab PC8832
tcp_C_2.6.20.6-1.2944.fc6.emulab-1 (one host)

May 2007 Have added the page "Compare Linux 2.6.9 and 2.6.20-rt8 in the Timer Granularity subpages."
Mar 2007 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000 (two host unless noted)
JacORB2.3 on 2.6.20 and 2.6.20-rt8
JacORB2.2.4 on 2.6.20
TAO Collocation results on Emulab PC3000
Feb 2007 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000 (two host unless noted)
ndds4.1d_UDPv4 on 2.6.19-UNI
ndds4.1d_UDPv4_reliable on 2.6.19-UNI
ndds4.1d_UDPv4_reliable_all_history on 2.6.19-UNI
Apache Axis2 1.1.1 POJO Service under Tomcat v6.0.9
TAO1.5.5 octet, struct, long
jboss 4.0.5.GA_EJB3
tcp_C_2.6.19_gbit_compress using writev()
udp_C_2.6.19UNI SO_NO_CHECK
Dec/Jan 2007 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
TAO1.5 octet, struct, long (two host)
jboss 4.0.5.GA_EJB3 (two host)
EJB2.x bean JBoss 4.0.5GA (two host)
udp_C_2.6.20-rc1-rt3_SMP (one host)
tcp_c_2.6.19_gbit (two host)
udp_C_2.6.12FC4 (two host)
udp_C_2.6.12FC4_chksumoff (two host)
tcp_Java1.5_02-b9 2.6.19-UNI (two host)
JacORB 2.3beta (two host)
SMP Machine (Misty)
JBoss4.0.5.GA EJB3 byte and int payloads

*Please also note that the change logs for June, July, and August have been updated to reflect several updates made within those months.

The overview page accessable from the MW Comparator has been updated to include a graph of our results from the 2.6.19-uni kernel.
August 2006 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
tcp_J9-1.4.1_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc (two host)
tcp_Java1.5_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc (two host)
July 2006 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
globus_io (one host)
globus_xio_udp (one and two host)
globus_xio_tcp (one and two host)
ndds4.1c_UDPv4 (two host)
ndds4.1c_UDPv4_reliable_all_history (two host)
June 2006 The following results have been posted
Emulab PC3000
tcp_C_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc (two host)
tcp_C_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc_gbit (two host)
udp_C_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc (two host)
udp_C_2.6.17-rt1-uniproc_gbit (two host)
SMP Machine (Misty)
linux_2.4.21-27.0.2-smp: tcp_C and udp_C
MICO 2.3.12 threaded and non-threaded for long,octet,struct
E*ORB 1.3.0
May 2006 The following results have been posted
ndds4.0i UDPv4 results for both reliable and unreliable DataReaders on an SMP machine.
February 2006 The following results have been posted
TAO 1.4.8 at Blade hardware at Vanderbilts's Isislab has been added.
JacORB 2.2.3 results have been added. In our tests we still see an anamoly at 8Kbyte message size.
January 2006 The following results have been posted
TAO 1.4.7 at Blade hardware at Vanderbilts's Isislab has been added.
November/December 2005 The following results have been posted
Fixed small bugs in jitter comparator. Also enhanced jitter comparator to display below the graph the values that are above the last bin in the jitter histogram.
Results for Ingo Molnar Real-time Kernel 2.6.14-rtXX (where "XX" stands for the "rt" version number) have been posted. Both Jitter and TCP/IP performance are available. For jitter both the nanosleep() and select() jitters are now posted.
Solaris 9 Jitter tests (both nanosleep and select) added on SunSparc hardware. Both real-time and non-real-time tests were conducted.
October 2005 Fixed a small fomatting bug that was only impacting Microsoft IE.
The following results have been posted
Blade Servers at Vanderbilt's Isislab have been tested with TCP/IP.
September 2005 The following results have been posted
Linux 2.6.13-rt4 (Ingo Molnar real-time preemption patches) TCP tests.
New PC3000's at Emulab at University of Utah have been tested. The interrupt throttling mechanism causes some strange behavior. Attempts to disable interrupt throttling have been unsucessful so far.
August 2005 The following results have been posted
omniORBpy 2.6 emulab two-hosts
TAO 1.4.6 emulab two-hosts
Java 1.5.0 RMI latency
Java 1.5.0 RMI latency emulab two-hosts
June-July 2005 The following latency results have been posted (In approximatly this order):
omniORB 4.0.3
omniORBpy 2.6
TAO 1.4.6
CCM/CIAO 0.4.6 intercomponent
TCP Roundtrip Linux 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp
ORBexpress 2.6.2
ORBexpress 2.6.2 emulab two-hosts
TCP Roundtrip emulab two-hosts FC4 linux 2.6.12-2.6.12
JacORB 2.2.2
TCP Roundtrip emulab two-hosts FC4 linux 2.6.13
omniORB 4.0.3 emulab two-hosts
February 2005 CPU Contention page added.
Apache XML-RPC V1.2-b1 results added.
XSOAP v1.2.23 results added.
TENA 5.0.1 results are added.
Improved the "show_means" feature to be able to show means from front and back.
Added capabilities to show "sum" and "ratio" of two graphs (adding to existing capability to show "diff" of two graphs.)
Sum, diff, and ratio values now also show up in tables that are available below the plots.
Added the ability to show throughput in either msgs/sec, Bytes/sec or bits/sec units.
January 2005 ARMS MsgSrv pub/sub performance results added.
TAO 1.4.3 results added.
Jacorb 2.2.1 results added.
November 2004 Timesys 4.1 Jitter results added.
Added the "show means" option.
Added Fedora 2 and Timesys 3.1 and 4.1 nanosleep() and select() comparisons under "RTOS_html" subpages.
October 2004 JacORB 2.1 and 2.2 results added.
Timesys 4.1 results added.
Additional documentation on how loaded IPC latency tests are conducted has been added.
Fedora 2 (Linux kernel 2.6.8 based) socket latency results added.
Jamaica JVM jitter results added.
Fixed a bug in "filter" capability that impacted case sensitivity of filter matches. (Filter matching is case insensitive.)
September 2004 OpenJMS and Joram (another open JMS implementation) results added.
June 2004 initial MEAD measurements added.
June 2004 Spread 3.17.2 measurements added.
May 2004 Added 2.6.x LKSCTP and Openss7 0.2.19 SCTP
March 2004 Added MicroQoSCORBA 0_1-a results.
January 2004 Added JacORB 2.0, OmniORB 4.0.3 and TAO 1.4 results.
December 2003 Added TAO 1.3.6(pre) and associated CIOA results.
Zen 1.0 results added.
November 2003 Added Mico 2.3.11 results added.
September 2003 Added Mico 2.3.10 results added.
August 2003 Enhanced the IPC (also referred to as Middleware) Comparator to offer monochrome postscript plot for possible use in publications.
July 2003 Similar to the MW Comparator, added an OS and RT Java JVM comparator capability. This is known as the "Jitter Comparator".
May-June 2003
  • Added initial TAO CCM (CIAO) tests results for 1.3.2 Beta. Naturally these results are very preliminary.
  • Added results for Ice version 1.1.0
  • By default "Filter" pattern matching is now done in case insensitive manner. The "left frame" that shows all the available results in a tree structure is now also sorted in a case insensitive manner. Thus, "Zen" will now show last in a group, as one might expect.
  • JDO Genie 1.4 results have been added.
  • TAO 1.3.3 results added.
  • ORBExpress 2.5.1 results added.
  • Fixed a minor error MW_Comparator when taking "diff" of two datasets that do not have same number of points. This should work properly now.
  • Added "min" and "max" plot options to support those cases where only min or max values need to be compared.
  • The numerical datasets are now offered below the plot generated by the comparator. By following this link one can reach the actual data that is presented in a table form.
April-May 2003 Added results for "lksctp" implementation of SCTP. Also added results for some measurements at "Emulab".
March 2003 Added results for Ozone object oriented database.
March 2003 The Comparator has undergone some improvements. The "filter" capability has been improved and all filtered output also goes in the left side frame. We have also added some Ice ( results, as have TAO 1.3.1 results. More SCIOP results have been added.
The generated graphs have a legend (or a key) for each of the curve in the graph. This key can be now clicked to follow to the details of that experiment.
Jaunary 2003 Over past few months we have added more results to the comparator database. We have added SCTP and SCIOP results. We have also added Linux 2.5.59 results. Zen 0.8(alpha version) Java ORB results have been added.
January 30, 2002 Added ability to follow links to detailed results from the MW_Comparator left side frame. Also added several pre-generated comparison charts with some comments.
December 18, 2001 Added the Middleware_Comparator tool link. This is version 0.1 and bit rough but we have plans to significantly improve it over time.
November 29, 2001 There has big a flurry of activity of late. Have added a lot of new results. In particular have added a category of results for Corba Component Model. As of now we have results for MicoCCM and OpenCCM. Have also been working with JBOSS EJB application server. Will soon add results for that on the web pages.
November 7, 2001 Added results for OpenORB 1.2.0 using JDK 1.3.1
July 2001 Added OpenSS7 SCTP results under IPC section.
May 31, 2001 Timesys Linux/RT V2.0 Beta showing excellent bounded behavior.
January 2000 Added TAO 1.0.10 results on Lynx OS 3.0.x (both single and mulitple hosts.)

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