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Procedures for visiting the 3 Executive Campus Facility

  • You must provide proper identification to your contact person. Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • Lockheed Martin employee badge.
    • Passport. If you are not a US citizen, inform your contact person as soon as possible prior to your visit to allow us to comply with Export Control procedures.
    • US government ID badge.
    • State driver's license, preferably with a picture.

  • If you are bringing equipment, Internet connections are available at the Common Develop Lab on the 5th floor. If you expect to connect to ATL's network, notify Robert Jones (rjones@atl.lmco.com) one week in advance of your visit.

  • If your meeting involves the exchange of proprietary information, notify Lynn Zargan (lzargan@atl.lmco.com) or Otto Wilbert (owilbert@atl.lmco.com) one week in advance of your visit to execute a Non Disclosure Agreement.

  • Cameras, cellphones, tape recorders, or PDAs with cameras or sound-recording capabilities are not permitted.
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