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Our property signs

  • Located on the 6th floor of the 3 Executive Campus building, we share a building with many other companies. To easily locate Lockheed Martin, go through the Lockheed Martin entrance to the rear of the building.

Our site appearance

  • There are many Executive Campus buildings. Our building, 3 Executive Campus, has a large 3 on the top of the building. In addition, you will see a large Lockheed Martin sign at the Lockheed Martin entrance of the building. For your convenience, there are LM visitor parking spaces located near this entrance. You may park in one of those or in the general parking spaces.

Our check-in process (5 minutes)

  • When you enter the building, you will have to sign in at the lobby front desk and call your Lockheed Martin contact to escort you to the 6th Floor, where you will sign in again. If you are a Lockheed Martin employee, please wear your LM badge. If you are not a LM employee, the 6th Floor guard will ask you for identification/picture ID, and will give you a badge that you must wear in a plainly visible location. Your LM or provided badge grants you either unescorted or escorted privileges throughout your stay, depending on your affiliation and/or business purpose. Your host will make this determination in advance of your visit or will inform the guard upon your arrival.

Recording devices

  • Because ATL is a secure facility, the following items are not allowed to our floor of the building: cameras (film, video, digital), imaging equipment, tape recorders, sound recording devices. Cell phones are allowed, but camera/recording features may not be used, and they may not be taken into classified areas. If you are bringing a laptop to the building, it must be tagged at the front door as personal property when you arrive. It cannot be taken into any classified areas without written permission.

Our checkout process (5 minutes)

  • Before you leave the building, you'll have to sign out at the guard desk and return your badge. The guard may ask to see the contents of your briefcase. You will also have to sign out at the 1st Floor lobby desk.

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